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Maltby Company

Premium Rust-Dissolving Chemical Penetrant - Single Can (13 oz.)

Premium Rust-Dissolving Chemical Penetrant - Single Can (13 oz.)

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Benefits: Dissolves rust. Inhibits corrosion. Eliminates squeaks. Lubricates. Protects metal. Displaces moistures (NOT intended for use on electrical contact switches, porous plastics, and some paints).

Uses: nuts & bolts, locks & hinges, heat risers, cable & linkages, brake cylinder honing, tools & toys, chassis suspension, engine disassembly, batter brackets & cables, sliding doors & screens, rods & reels, guns & rifles, mowers & yard equipment, sewing machines, exhaust manifolds & mufflers, trailers & boats, farm & manufacturing equipment.

Contents: Hydrocarbon Propellant (6847-86-8), Diethanolamine (111-42-2), n-Butyle Acetate (123-86-4), Hydrotreated Light Distillate (64742-47-8), Aromatic Petroleum Distillates (64742-95-6), Isobutanol (78-83-15-0), Mineral Seal Oil (64742-53-6), Xylene (1330-20-7), R-90 (an exclusive Maltby formula compounded with 11 select chemicals).

* All customers located in California will receive a VOC-compliant blend, per State EPA regulations.

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